Close Protection

Close protection staff can play a vital role.  If your event is catering to particularly sensitive groups of people or additional security is required for your party, it’s important to understand that a simple core staff may not necessarily suffice

Close protection is an absolute must! This type of protection is essentially the step between having a security team monitoring your party and personal body guarding. Close protection does precisely what it says in the job description.

Consider it as a personal force field for one or more people who need especially that protection. While those specialising in close protection, if you need to keep close quarters on a certain person or group of people to protect them from trouble, your best option is to hire close protection.

By hiring close protection, you will be allowing your existing security personnel to keep an eye on the rest of the party while your close protectors can ensure that your VIP guests are given the specialist care and attention that they need.


ACES Security in Leeds can provide close supervision whatever the weather, the cause, and wherever the event is taking place. We will supply you with a wide array of talented and exceptional security experts who can help bring a close and dedicated service, ensuring you get the best for your money.

 Whether you require close protection for a certain group of people or if there are one or two particular VIPs that require special attention, we will be able to provide you with a talented and enthusiastic security specialist who will make sure that your guests are given the additional hospitality that they deserve.