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Festivals can be a massive event, at times catering for thousands of people from across the country. With crowds, comes potential trouble

Especially if alcohol is involved.  No matter the weather, if the bands are big, the crowds will be too. 

Organising a festival of any kind, whether it is music, food or film, will be stressful and there are many factors to consider.  Security presence should be top on your list of priorities. It will be your responsibility to ensure the safety of the public and for the event to go ahead without any major disruption.


ACES Security Leeds pride ourselves on close protection as much as we do event control and public safety.  Our security services are both flexible and efficient, and we take our role very seriously.

We provide a wide range of event staffing and stewarding, meaning that if you are looking to host an outdoor festival that is no doubt going to attract a large number of guests, we can help cover your security needs.

Festival security is as much about protecting equipment and set up as it is about protecting the public from themselves.  At festivals where alcohol is being served, you should consider hiring foot patrol security to attend to and remove any potential troublemakers from the scene, as well as ensuring that the crowd is kept under control via stewards and door or line supervisors. It’s all about showing people a great time, but ultimately, safety is key as much as security!

If you are looking to arrange a large festival or open-air concert, and require thorough ground coverage, contact us at ACES Security Leeds.  We will be very happy to discuss and assess your needs with your budget in mind.

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