Store Detectives


Running a business is hard, particularly if you’re operating as part of a public store.  The bigger chains or shops are even harder to keep tabs on. Wherever there are goods on display, there will, unfortunately, be the risk of theft.  Neither you nor your employees can be expected to keep a full patrol or watch on your store at all times! While you may have all the cameras in the world and watchful staff, these measures can only go so far. For high profile chain stores and larger operations, ACES Security Leeds can provide a dedicated store detective service for your retail operation.

Our detectives are experts in theft prevention and, at your command, can run a dedicated sweep of your floor and stock to keep close tabs on any suspicious behaviour or to remove and unwanted or known patrons from your store. While you may find store detectives regularly patrol supermarkets and high-end retail operations, ACES can provide you with on-foot surveillance and theft prevention at an extremely affordable rate. What’s better is that they’re a handy alternative to calling for immediate police intervention, which sadly can sometimes arrive too late for the problem at hand to be eradicated.