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ACES Security Leeds, not only provides security for businesses and events, but we also offer a professional security service for your home.

Sadly, we live in a world where crime against dwellings and people is increasing day by day according to statistics collated by Police Forces and Insurance Companies.

  • With Social Media becoming a regular part of our lives, you might not give it a thought when posting about an upcoming day trip, or an event you are attending that means you will be away from home for a long period. For example, you may be attending a funeral or a wedding. If an opportunist happens to notice crowds of people outside your home, they will know your house is likely to be empty. Or maybe you have added photographs of yourself on social media before a night out, unknowingly advertising expensive items in the background.  

ACES Security Leeds have a team of professional security officers who will make sure when you are not at home, we will be your eyes and ears the entire time. We will stay close to your premises and be vigilant, watching for any suspicious behaviour in your absence. 


  • Approximately two-fifths of domestic burglaries in dwellings take place during the morning or afternoon (6 am to 6 pm) and three-fifths take place during the evening or night (6 pm to 6 am)
  • In over half of incidents of domestic burglary in a dwelling where an offender gained entry into the dwelling, someone was at home at the time
  • In the majority of years, it was almost equally likely in incidents of domestic burglary in a dwelling that the offender(s) was a stranger or known1by the victim
  • Eighty-six per cent of thieves do all they can to avoid bumping into the occupant, with three-quarters abandoning a robbery attempt altogether because they had heard someone in the house or returning home.
  • Night-time burglars – termed “creepers” – admit they would hide to avoid discovery.

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