Work for Us

If you’re a prospective employee, whether you’re greatly experienced or are looking to gain valuable and regular employment from a wide range of events and sources, we promise to represent your needs, your talents and your enthusiasm to regular, quality clients which will help ballast your career as well as your wage. To sign up with Aces Security, all you need to do this complete a short application form and provide us with the information we need. Whether you’re a steward, a security specialist, a bodyguard or even a dog patroller and handler, we will be try and find you work with one of our clients were we can.

If you’re a trained steward, someone with a little experience or are a talented member of an in-house team looking for representation across a varied range of parties, events and clients, then look no further – providing you offer your talent and expertise, we can offer representation and a fantastic range of work available for you – and you can take on as much or as little as you like.

Aces Security are a reliable and proven supplier of talented and versatile stewards, no matter the event – and if you’re looking to get started in stewarding, we can provide you with the representation you need.

If, however, you’re an experienced security representative with a licence and the want to be represented by some of the best in the business, then look no further – with Aces Security, all you ever need do is sign up with a minimum of information and we’ll do the rest – and if you’re the right fit for our books, we will gladly welcome you on board, opening you up to a vivid and varied world of security work at your fingertips.

Equally, if you are a door supervisor or bouncer that is currently looking for employment or representation and are looking to join an organisation that will offer your services to a wide and varied range of clients, Aces Security merely need a handful of details from you to get started – and with the catalogue of clients that we are currently offering to, you can never be afraid of not receiving work. If you have the door supervision skills, we can provide you with the doors and money!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for representation in a close protection role, have experience and can provide an A1 service in personal guarding at all times, we will be able to offer you a wide range of clients and opportunities to ensure that you get a variety of rewarding and interesting work where you can put your skills to excellent use. You give us the skills and we’ll give you the work – it’s that simple! Similarly, if you are a bodyguard with a passion and a knack for close protection, and are keen to find representation across a variety of different clients and event opportunities, then we will be happy to represent you. Our clients are looking for passionate and talented bodyguards for a variety of different VIPs and causes, and simply by providing us with a minimal amount of details, we will ensure you that you get the work that your talent deserves.

If you’re an experienced dog handler looking for work with a four-legged friend on a regular and generous basis, why not get in touch with us? We consider our client base to be highly competitive, and you’ll also benefit from exposure that you’ll be unlikely to find elsewhere. All we need are a few details and we will begin to start you on your journey towards regular handling work as and when you need it.