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Unlike some parties and functions, conferences are largely a business affair, and it’s therefore very important that the interests and well-being of attending guests are kept safe from any potential trouble. 

Organising a political, business or trade conference is a painstaking affair, no matter what level. Whilst a conference is normally a showcase of information for guests, and they’re not at the forefront of the show, it’s crucial that they are both catered for and kept safe. Not only is it the host’s responsibility to ensure the public is being kept out of harm’s way, but it will also reflect your brand and public image. You will want to maintain a great reputation among your guests. 

As part of our range of security personnel, and dedicated Security Staff, ACES Security Leeds train and provide low-profile door supervision and security patrols. You will be ensuring that nothing untoward occurs to your guests, the smooth running of your conference and that individuals who may be causing misdemeanours are removed professionally without disrupting the event. 

Our security personnel are versatile and can cover all areas of your conference, from supervising doors to seating your guests. In some cases, you may have a particularly high-profile guest who requires close protection. In this situation, we can provide a dedicated bodyguard service.

Consider hiring a security professional for your conference from ACES Security Leeds. After all, when it comes to high-profile industry events, it is not just attendees who are at risk if security is lacking, it is your brand, your business and maybe even your position in your industry. 

Hiring a well-covered security service for a conference demonstrates care, accountability and, most importantly, ensures that your attendees feel safe and can focus upon the events of the conference without worry. For a large-scale or high-profile event, hiring close protection security from ACES is a step you should certainly consider taking.


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